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Building a Sustainable Future

Today’s electric vehicles are designed to meet the needs of everyone. However, most charging networks are not. At EOS, we have created a charging solution available to all drivers, wherever the day leads.


Meet Ambitious Sustainability Goals

Public EV Charging

The EOS Charge station encompasses state of the art technology to enhance the user experience for all drivers and contribute to EV growth in the United States. Charging with EOS is convenient and secure. With the EOS app, drivers can build loyalty points to earn free or subsidized charging or discounts at our brand partners.

EOS Charge
EOS Sustainability

Community and Corridor Electrification

Ease Range Anxiety

Currently, EOS has access to more than 12,000 potential EV charging sites, including convenience stores, hotel chains, commercial real estate and urgent care centers. Strategically placed at these essential locations in and surrounding your community, EOS Charge is there for you – wherever the day takes you.

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Convenience is Key

Charging Your Lifestyle

With EOS Charge, individuals and communities can enjoy a seamless charging experience that fits into your daily routine. Charge with confidence at a convenient location near your home, work, or anywhere you plan to be.

  • Easy-to-use

  • GPS pinned

  • Driver friendly locations

  • Accumulate loyalty points

  • Compatible with all electric vehicles built on the universal J1772 and CHAdeMO charging standards