Eos linx smart city solutions

EOS Linx is expanding the EV charger footprint and revolutionizing the way brands connect with consumers.


Strategically located at essential locations, our innovative EV chargers power today’s on-the-go lifestyle.
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Easily onboard an affordable security solution that identifies threats in real-time like never before.
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Experience a digital out-of-home media solution designed for maximum brand exposure and consumer engagement.
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Smart. Solar. Sustainable.

Eos electric vehicle charging kiosk

Digital OOH takes EV charging to the next level

Drive new customers to your store through a GPS pinned, free EV charger, installed at no cost to you. While charging, DOOH advertising is featured on 75” Ultrabright displays to increase consumer engagement and provide additional opportunities for point of purchase revenue.

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It’s not just another charging station.


Renewable Energy

All EOS EV displays are supported by renewable solar energy.
EOS Charging Station

EV Charging

Provide a top-off charge and eliminate range anxiety for current and future EV owners!
EOS Linx Security

EOS Security

Stop crime before it starts with 24/7 monitoring and real time alerts to security personnel.
EOS Linx Video

Media Offering

Increase brand awareness and engage the community with 75” digital out-of-home media displays.
Advertiser Benefits

EOS reaches customers at point of purchase and influences buying behavior. Each EV charger is strategically placed for maximum impact and consistent foot traffic.

  • Daypart advertisements
  • Make creative changes in minutes
  • Hyper-local targeting options
  • Real-time reporting capabilities
  • Low out-of-pocket program costs
EOS digital
Location Perks
Security Solutions
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We improve communities through technology and engagement.

At EOS Linx, we are committed to improving communities through technology and engagement - combining EV charging, AI based security, and out-of-home advertising. Together with our partners, including Intel & VSBLTY, we have created opportunities to expand these solutions across the country, creating a fully integrated network and powering the smart city revolution.

EOS Linx Smart City

EOS smart city solutions

Kiosk in environment

EV Charger

Our EV chargers are popular in cities where electric vehicle adoption is high. Brands can engage consumers at point of purchase. Consumers and communities benefit from a free charging station. Good for all to Go Green!
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Mobile security temp

Mobile Solar and Security

The EOS Mobile Solar and Security station is solar powered and self-sufficient. It can go where the sun goes….even the most remote locations. Plus, it can be utilized in emergency response situations – no plug in required!
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Solar energy structures temp

Solar Energy Services

Overhaul your commercial properties by adding solar energy solutions. We provide a clean, innovative look while reducing monthly energy costs. Capitalize on the benefits of green energy.
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EOS Linx Energy

We’ve done it before

Our family of companies is built on the foundation that sustainable energy is the future. We are your one-stop shop for all of your renewable and green energy projects.

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Together we’re creating a brighter future.