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EV charging
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Eos linx smart city solutions
No Cost Electric Vehicle Charger
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Introducing EOS Charge
EOS Charge, by EOS Linx, incorporates layers of technology into each charge station to enhance the driver experience and provide immediate value to every charging location.

EOS Charge for Drivers

Strategically placed throughout the country, our innovative EV chargers power today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

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EOS Charge for Locations

No Cost Installation and Maintenance with EOS Linx EV chargers!

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EOS Charge for Advertisers

Ultrabright displays provide high visibility engagement opportunities-both local and national.

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The EOS Difference

EOS Charge is built for today and tomorrow. We know technology changes fast and so do market demands. Our flexible design can seamlessly incorporate upgrades for each feature without replacing the entire EOS Charge station.


Certified Systems

Easy to use, UL certified system

Eos charging

Best in Class Technology

Works with all electric vehicles built on the universal J1772 and CHAdeMO charging standards

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Designed to Make a Splash

Ultrabright, 75” digital displays keeps the customers informed

Eos linx security

Customized Solutions

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The EOS Evolution

News and Events

Read more about the EOS journey, our commitment to a sustainable future, and our growing partnerships.

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