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EOS Charge

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A Customized Solution

EOS customizes an installation plan for each location, determining with site owners the number and type of chargers needed to meet growing demand. We are committed to supporting EV growth and are committed to helping communities take the necessary first step to achieve sustainability goals.

  • No risk installation

  • No out-of-pocket costs

  • No hidden fees

  • EV charger service & maintenance included

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How it Works

At EOS Linx, we understand and respect the details… as well as your time. We handle all aspects of the EV charger installations to streamline the process and maximize efficiency.Our installation team is in communication with each location so sites can be informed and updated without being inconvenienced. Let EOS do the work for you!

  • Prepare and submit municipal contracts
  • Full site engineering with approval by the location owner
  • Coordinate site preparation
  • Facilitate permit approvals & utility coordination
  • Oversee installation process (1-2 days onsite)
  • Provide ongoing service & maintenance

Built for Today and Tomorrow

The Design

The only constant is change…and nothing changes faster than technology! EOS Charge was built with this in mind, using a modular framework and edge computing. Our industrial strength designs are built to last and built to adapt. Each key component (hardware and software) can be upgraded or replaced as needed to meet changing market demands while minimizing disruptions.

Worried about space…we’ve got that covered too! EOS Charge can utilize satellite chargers when more chargers are needed, and space is at a premium. Contact EOS Linx today to get started on a customized solution!

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The Right Time, The Right Place, The Right Message

Reach customers when and where they are – and most importantly, where they are making purchasing decisions! The EOS Linx EOS Charge station with a 75" digital display is strategically placed for maximum impact. EOS provides unparalleled access to brands targeting retail visitors and customers and engages a new audience - electric vehicle owners.

  • Consistent foot traffic

  • Daypart advertisements​

  • Proof of play reporting

  • Hyper-local targeting

  • Make creative changes in minutes