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Product Suite

Introducing EOS Charge

EOS Linx Charging Stations are reliable, efficient, and easy to use. Our charging stations provide a fast and convenient charging solution for EV's of all makes and models.

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The Nova™

The NOVA™ has a sleek, minimalistic design, built to fit anywhere in a parking lot and to withstand the elements. Configurable as a single, dual unit or wall-mounted charger, Nova™ is the perfect solution for sites that require 2 or 200 chargers.

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The Solstice™
& The Axis™

The Solstice™ and Axis™ both offer a smaller, permit-friendly footprint and a modular design.

The Solstice™ includes a digital media display. The Axis™ provides printed branding opportunities on the upper panel.

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The Aurora™

The Aurora™ was built to offer the first fully integrated network of smart engagement technology and has modernized the way businesses connect with consumers. EOS’ Aurora™ offers a digital out-of-home marketing platform, solar energy, backup battery and a robust power management system.

EOS Advertising
Right Place, Right Time

EOS Linx strategically places our digital out-of-home advertising displays for the biggest impact.


Maximize Exposure

Reach customers when and where they are making purchasing decisions with Digital Out-of-Home Advertising on EOS Linx Aurora™ and Solstice™ Charging Stations.

The 75” or 55” LED digital display provides brands with unparalleled access to consumers while they charge.